Countdown to RAGBRAI LI


“…Because we’re family — even if our DNA doesn’t match.”

– Rapp, Kathy (2016, July 13).  8 Reasons Why They RAGBRAI.  The Des Moines Register. Retrieved from

What is Team White Bus?

  • Team White Bus (TWB) is a registered team on RAGBRAI team. TWB has been a RAGBRAI team since 2001 and over the course of the past 20 years, we’re probably had over 300 separate individuals on our team! Each summer, there are between 50-80 people on the TWB team. For those of us that ride with TWB each year, it’s like a family reunion, except that we actually like each other. And if you are newbie, by the end of the week, TWB will feel like family to you too!

So how does this work?

  • TWB is a registered RAGBRAI team, so if you sign up with us through this website, you’re good to go. Some TWBers also decide to register separately with RAGBRAI to get RAGBRAI benefits and discounts, but that’s not mandatory if you want to ride on TWB. For us, you just need to sign up with us before April 30 to secure your spot on TWB.
  • Once you are registered with TWB, John Rapp (aka El Capitan) will keep you updated on where and when to meet. We meet Saturday morning before RAGBRAI at the Auto-jet in Clive. We’ll then load all of your gear up on the big white bus, and drive you and your stuff to the start of RAGBRAI. At the end of Rabgrai, the big white bus when then transport you and your gear back to West Des Moines.
  • Saturday afternoon at the first town, there will be a huge (and biker’s paradise) bike expo where you can stock up on all things cycling.
  • Each day you will bike, and then Kelly (John’s son) and his support crew will transport your luggage to the overnight town.
  • Kelly and his team set up tents, buy beverages, and basically make the behind-the-scenes logistics seamless so that everyone enjoys the ride!

What is RAGBRAI?

  • RAGBRAI is the world’s oldest, largest and longest bike tour. It was first held in 1973, and is the largest bike touring event in the world, with over 20,000 riders. RAGBRAI riders bike from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River every last-full week of July in Iowa. Obviously the hottest possible month. There are thousands of people that bike RAGBRAI, and in our opinion, the best way to RAGBRAI is to ride with a team. That’s where we come in. TWB is one of the many registered teams on RAGBRAI.
  • It’s been described as a movable feast, an athletic endeavor, adult spring break, family bonding time, and a trip through rural America. All of which are true. RAGBRAI is what you make of it.

How will I deal with the aches and pains of biking across Iowa?

  • We have a massage therapist who rides with us and gives amazing massages back at camp once you’re done riding. She charges $1 a minute, so bring cash if you want a massage.
  • Obviously we also have beer and boxed wine, so that should help. Kelly and his team pick up booze for us each day, and we pay $2-5 per drink. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

What is GOYBAR?

  • Sign up for TWB and figure it out!